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April 18, 2011

Terry Neese was a carpenter.

“He built furniture with his hands,” his daughter Tara said, adding he also liked to draw too. “He just was very artistic.”

Phoenix Police Sergeant Darren Burch said the 52-year-old lived near 1st Avenue and Broadway, South of downtown Phoenix.

“On February 13th, 2010, we don’t know of the time, but he was discovered right before midnight,” Burch said. “He had been shot several times in his home.”

Burch said there was no sign of forced entry and nothing stolen at the residence.

“It’s possible the suspects were allowed entry,” he said.

So Terry either knew the person or there was something specific in his home his killer was after. Police don’t have any suspects.

“However, hours earlier in the day a small, red, newer-model Chevy car was parked in front of his residence, but it is unknown who they were or if they’re related to this murder,” Burch said.

Tara said her dad was a very well-liked man.

“He helped people all the time,” she said. She added that her dad was her best friend and a terrific father to her and her older sister.

“Oh we did camping and fishing,” she said, “my dad was very fun. He was a very fun dad.”

She said he was also a wonderful grandfather. She remembered a pine toy chest he made for her daughter.

“Every time we came over there would be new toys, new crafts and coloring books and things like that inside of it,” she said. “He just loved his grandkids.”

Now he has a third grandchild he’s never met, and Tara said she is still confused about why someone would kill such a caring and giving man.

“And I still cry all the time…all the time…it’s very hard.”