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July 26, 2010

“This is absolutely one of those who-done-its?,” said Phoenix police Sgt. Darren Burch.

“June 27th, 2010. The Phoenix Fire Department responded to a business fire at 35th Avenue and Glendale, about a half-mile north.”

A realty office. Firefighters get the blaze out.

“Then they find 50-year-old Blanca Acevedo dead.”

And it looks like she was murdered.

“Her colleagues had left her at 3:30 that same day. And now at approximately 5’oclock she’s found dead in this structure fire,” said Burch.

“When I heard what they did to her, it turned my inside out. Who in the heck would do something so horrible?”, asked Blanca’s cousin, Eligio.

They were born the same year and grew up together. They were close and both got into the realty business.

“She doesn’t go to bars. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke. She doesn’t do drugs. For somebody to do this, it’s horrible,” he said.

Blanca had seven brothers and sisters and two children of her own.

“She used to go to church every week. She was a very Christian lady,” said Eligio.

Her death has Eligio baffled.

“It makes absolutely no sense to me and it makes me very angry.”

Burch said, “we know that whatever occurred happened after 3:30 and before 5 p.m. the same day. So, this hour-and-a-half timeframe is when the suspect killed Blanca and set the place on fire.”

“I don’t know how someone can live with their conscious knowing what they did.”

This is truly a who-done-it, said Burch.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Silent Witness at (480) WITNESS.