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Phoenix police seek help in identifying 2 identity thieves

(Phoenix Police Department Photos)

PHOENIX — Help police catch a couple of Phoenix identity thieves.

On May 3, 2019, at about 10 a.m., a woman walked into the Food City at 48th Street and Southern Avenue and cashed a forged check using stolen ID, according to Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild.

“There are actually two victims when you think about it,” Rothschild said. “There’s the individual who the money was taken from and then there’s the merchant who lost product because of it.”

The surveillance camera got good close-ups of the suspect.

“We know who we’re looking for and now we need the public to let us know who and where she is,” Rothschild said.

Learn more about this case here.

In another case of identity theft, the thief went on a spending spree with a credit card.

Rothschild said the victim lost his card June 30, 2019, and “shortly after that happened there were several unauthorized charges.”

The card was used at at least two stores around Interstate 17 and Northern Avenue.

A male suspect and his car were both captured on surveillance video.

“Just because we have photos of the person who may have used the card it doesn’t mean it’s the same person who took the card,” Rothschild said. “But investigators want to talk to this person and find out where they got it.”

Learn more about this case here.

Don’t get yourself in trouble by trying to do someone a favor, authorities say. If anyone gives you a credit card and asks you to purchase something for them, you should refuse. Otherwise you could end up in jail on serious charges.

See the gallery below for photos of the suspects and the car in the credit card case.

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