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9/11: Remembering and paying tribute

This article is Sponsored by Sanderson Ford

Every year in September, the collective memory of the nation turns to thoughts of what happened on that fateful Tuesday morning in 2001 when nearly 3,000 lives were lost and the country was changed forever.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once referred to the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, as “a date which will live in infamy.” September 11, 2001, is another such day. It serves as a reminder of what people lost and what they cherish all the more.

Around the country, organizations hold special events to memorialize the lives lost on that day and to pay tribute to the heroes who raced toward danger without a thought for themselves. In Arizona, Military Assistance Mission held its sixth annual Freedom Breakfast, where the theme was “Heroes are Never Forgotten.”

“The day was filled with many emotions, but it served as an opportunity to come together to remember and cherish the sacrifices of 9/11,” MAM says. “This year’s speaker was Timothy Brown, a retired, decorated member of the FDNY, who experienced the tragedy of 9/11 firsthand. We are honored to have him address how his life was impacted and to remind us as a community that ‘Heroes are Never Forgotten.’”

This event was supported by Sanderson Ford and other members of the Glendale community.

MAM and Sanderson Ford also work throughout the year to support people who have served or are serving in the military.

Financial assistance for military members

The Military Assistance Mission is known for making a difference in the lives of service members in Arizona. Its mission involves providing counseling, recovery support and financial aid to Arizona members of the military, their families, and post 9/11 purple heart recipients.

“All current Arizona military E-5 and below may be eligible for this one time assistance through MAM as well as purple heart recipients post 9/11 regardless of rank,” the organization says. “This assistance is in the form of grants for overdue bills.”

Qualifying bills include rent, mortgage, utilities, car payments, car insurance and basic food necessities. When there is a need for it, MAM can also offer emergency food, home and appliance repair, baby formula and diapers, local moving assistance, and Wounded Warrior transitional family housing.

The organization relies on staff and volunteers. When a need arises that it cannot meet, it partners with community members to help service members and their families get the assistance they need.

Free classes

The Military Assistance Mission offers other resources to qualifying community members, as well. The Sanderson Ford classroom at the MAM office offers free classes on many topics, including car maintenance, financial guidance, tax preparation, and resume writing. Each class has up to 20 openings, with in-classroom laptops available for use.

Upcoming Sanderson Ford classroom offerings are listed at, and registration is available online or by phone.

Community outreach

Sanderson Ford makes community involvement a priority by partnering with MAM and other organizations, including the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center to support research and services for children and families affected by autism, and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, which has food distribution sites serving the hungry in 10 Arizona counties. In a single year, the food bank distributed more than 72 million pounds of food to provide nearly 275,000 meals a day, Sanderson Ford says.

To learn more about Sanderson Ford, including its community outreach programs, visit