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If you can’t beat them, join them: Wi-Fi, web-surfing at the movies?

Who hasn’t seen the “no texting, no phone calls, no bright screens” advertisements before a movie? I’m pretty sure we’re all getting tired of those by now.

The Business Insider recently came across a blog post by ventures capitalist Hunter Walk where he suggested that he wanted outlets, Wi-Fi and a bit more light inside movie theaters.

Don’t tell me I’d miss major plot points while scrolling on my ipad – it’s a movie about robots vs monsters. I can follow along just fine.

This begs the question: Why would you want to go into a movie theater in the first place if all you’re going to do is remove yourself from the whole movie theater experience?

But he goes on, claiming this would be a great idea that would, in fact, sell more tickets.

If you took a theater or two in a multiplex and showed the types of films which lend themselves to this experience I bet you’d sell tickets. Maybe even improve attendance during the day since I could bang out emails with a 50 foot screen in front of me.

While there’s probably a market for it, would you still go to a movie theater where you could hook your iPad and browse the Internet while “watching” a movie?