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Arizona DPS troopers come to the rescue, even in oppressive heat

(Facebook Photo/Arizona DPS)

PHOENIX — You think rescuing stranded Valley drivers on the freeways is tough? Try doing it in our excessive heat.

In his heavy protective gear, DPS trooper Jonathan Montes once helped change a tire on a busy freeway in triple digits.

“In the middle of the day, you feel all of that heat from the asphalt just rising,” he recalled. “And then we realized we didn’t even have a spare tire. So we did all of that pretty much for nothing.

“It’s not a fun thing to be out there on the left side of the highway, middle of the day. With the heat the way it is right now, it’s just miserable. That’s what it is.”

As temperatures soared to 113 degrees on Thursday, Montes urges drivers to keep emergency kits, and water in coolers, especially if the air conditioner dies.

“With the roads and asphalt being so hot, check your tires,” he said. “Make sure that you don’t have wires sticking out of your tread. That could cause you to get a blowout.”

Get off the freeway, or at least get to the right. But Montes says, if you need help, call – even in the heat.

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