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WalletHub: 7 Arizona cities ranked in top 100 pet-friendliest cities in nation

(Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

PHOENIX — Looking for the best place to raise a pet? Look no further than Arizona.

WalletHub ranked seven Arizona cities in the top 100 pet-friendliest cities in the country, with Scottsdale and Phoenix coming it at No. 1 and No. 5, respectively.

Tucson made the top 20, coming in at No. 19, while Gilbert was ranked No. 53 and Glendale at No. 57.

Chandler and Mesa rounded out the last of the Valley cities at No. 80 and No. 83, respectively.

How was the list determined?

Of the top 100 most populated cities, each was judged on three major categories: pet budget, outdoor pet-friendliness, and pet health and wellness.

Pet budget was based on veterinary care costs, minimum pet-care provider rates and dog insurance premiums.

Phoenix actually came in as the highest-ranked of the Arizona cities in pet budget at No. 26, followed by Tucson at No. 43, Glendale at No. 64, Gilbert at No. 70, and Chandler and Mesa tied for 73rd.

Ironically, Scottsdale was the worst of the Grand Canyon State cities, rounding out the list as the 80th-best in the pet budget category.

Outdoor pet-friendliness was judged on weather and dog-friendly parks and trails per capita.

Three of the cities found themselves in the top 50. Scottsdale led the way at No. 6, with Phoenix and Tucson following at No. 15 and No. 42, respectively.

Glendale’s No. 61 rank and Chandler’s No. 68 rank came in next, while Gilbert found itself ranked 73rd and Mesa as the 75th-best in the outdoor pet-friendliness category.

Pet health and wellness was the biggest category and was based on the number of veterinarians, daycares, trainers, dog-friendly businesses and restaurants, and animal shelters per capita, as well as average home size, the strength of animal protection laws and pet-friendliness of rental markets.

This is where Arizona thrived, as five cities were in the top 50 and all seven in the top 60.

Scottsdale claimed the throne of the outdoor pet-friendliness category at No. 1.

Phoenix and Gilbert finished off the top 25 at No. 16 and No. 25, respectively, with Tucson just behind at No. 26.

Glendale came in at No. 39, Chander at No. 53, and Mesa rounded out the Arizona cities as the 58th-best city in the pet health and wellness category.

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