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Think Tank guide to this week’s Democratic Presidential Debate

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a "community conversation" event at the Kermit Fire & Rescue Headquarters Station, Friday, May 10, 2019, in Kermit, W.Va. (Craig Hudson/Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP)

Chuck Coughlin and Mike discuss the state of the Presidential race focusing on the Democratic Presidential Debates that will take place later this week.

Among the questions we consider:

  • What is the likely impact of the specific split of candidates between the Wednesday and Thursday debates? Elizabeth Warren is along among the top five contenders in Wednesday’s debate; will the lack of top-tier opposition on the stage with her hurt her or the ratings for the first debate?
  • Is anyone likely to attack the presumed front runner, Joe Biden?
  • Several Democrats in the mix are (so far) passing on promising Senate runs to run for President; are they (or the party) missing the boat on this?

Among those watching will surely be President Donald Trump.  He has promised to live-Tweet during the debate (no surprise). Can he preempt or disrupt the Democrats platform?

And what indications do we have of what Trump’s strategy in the general election will be.  He announced officially last week. And he unveiled the election slogan: “Keep America Great”. Even without knowing the Democratic nominee, we can make some observations about the President’s re-election strategy. We discuss this as well.

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