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Phoenix mom wants positive result for kids who bullied son with autism


PHOENIX — A Phoenix mother said she wants positive outcomes for the students who took and shared videos mocking her son with autism, one of which was taken in a bathroom.

Amanda Steele said she was shocked when she was told by the administration at Mountain Pointe High School last November that three videos existed of students bullying her 18-year-old son.

One of the videos, which Steele said were shown to her by school administrators, was taken while her son was using the bathroom.

“I was angry. My son was violated,” Steele told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Mac & Gaydos on Tuesday. “I was hurt because these students don’t know my child. I was enraged because these students aren’t educated on disabilities.”

Steele said the child who filmed her son in the urinal told her he didn’t know her son had autism.

She blames “clueless teenagers” for the videos, which she said her son hasn’t and will not see.

Steele said the three students — all minors — pleaded not guilty to felony charges during a Maricopa County court appearance last week.

Steele doesn’t want any hard punishment for the students but rather for them to understand the scope and impact of their actions.

Steele wants the students to become involved in outreach programs like the Law Enforcement Torch Run and the MORIAH Cooperative, a foundation that focuses on helping the community of children who experience social and communication challenges and idiosyncrasies.

“I have spoken with the DA and what I’d really like is these students to receive education, mentorship and volunteering,” Steele said.

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