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Arizona students ask parents to fight teen drinking this graduation season

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PHOENIX — While high school graduation is a rite of passage worth celebrating, one student group wants to promote safe parenting decisions during all the parties.

Arizona Students Against Drunk Driving knows many graduates will participate in celebrations that include underage drinking. However, they want to remind parents of their own accountability.

“Parents need to understand that it is against the law to offer alcohol to anyone under the age of 21, even if you are taking their keys so they won’t drive,” Jessica Hugdahl, Arizona SADD state coordinator, said.

“They can face criminal and civil sanctions if underage persons are consuming alcohol on their property.”

Arizona SADD encourages open communication between teens and parents when it comes to expectations surrounding teen drinking.

Their top suggestions for parents include:

  • Communicate expectations with your teen, their friends, and others who may be hosting parties.
  • Talk with your teen about drugs and alcohol.
  • Know where they are and who they are with.
  • Have pre-established times for your teen to call and check in with you.
  • Make sure your teen always buckles up in any vehicle.
  • Don’t rent hotel rooms for your teen’s graduation parties.
  • Remind your teen to never get in the car with anyone that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Volunteer to supervise graduation events.
  • Remind your teen of existing curfews.
  • Stay awake until your teen gets home.

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