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How does Phoenix’s cold-snap spring stack up against other places?

(Screenshot/City of Phoenix Webcam)

PHOENIX – It’s sure been an interesting couple of weeks of spring weather in metro Phoenix. At 20 degrees below May’s normal average of upper 90s, we could still wear long sleeves, for crying out loud.

Yes, it’s been in the 90s and it was even 100 degrees, but as we near Memorial Day, average temperatures in the Valley this week have stayed in the 70s through Wednesday.

Things will heat up Thursday (despite a chance for late Wednesday rain), with a crawl toward 80 degrees and jump to a high of about 90 degrees Friday, but for now, snow is falling in Arizona’s high country and nobody around Phoenix is pulling out enormous sun hats for weather that is more in keeping with spring in Alaska:

If Phoenix is just as temperate a place as Alaska for the time being, how does this “cold snap” measure alongside other places known for chilly May days?


(AP File Photo)

At least it’s not snowing anymore. Weather Atlas writes, “Brunswick, on the coast, has warm temperatures in the 45°F to 65°F range while Bangor in Central Maine is slightly lower between 42°F to 64°F.

“Even Fort Kent, which is usually one of the coldest places in the north, registers a comfortable average high temperature of about 61°F.”



The daily highs in South Burlington can be anywhere from 62 degrees to 72 degrees, and it’s hardly ever below 32 at night.


(Instagram Photo/Yellowstone National Park)

Lots of days are in the 50-60 degree range in May. At Yellowstone National Park, it’s usually 53 degrees for a high and 28 degrees for a low.


(Getty Images Photo/Alexander Aksakov)

When a winter day in January can be minus 58 degrees, the average high of 57 degrees in May is cause for celebration. They are probably complaining about the heat.


(Getty Images Photo/Joe Raedle)

If it’s spring, it’ll be about 43 degrees in the capital of Reykjavik. Brisk!

All in all, Phoenix’s cooler weather this month has been a gift.

Smile, everyone.

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