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Phoenix police officer lends helping hand to burglary victim

(KTAR News Photo/Griselda Zetino)

PHOENIX — Phoenix Police Officer Veronica Lumpkin was about to leave for the day when a call for service came in from a woman reporting a car burglary.

“Honestly, there was just a nudge from within that said, ‘You need to go on this call,’” Lumpkin said.

So she responded, despite still having a lot of work to complete and very little to eat throughout the day.

When she got there, she met Darlene Anaya, whose car battery had been stolen. Anaya told Lumpkin she had just bought the battery for $200.

“I thought for a moment to myself, ‘Well, I got paid today and if I pack my lunch for a couple of weeks, then I can cover this battery,’” Lumpkin said.

Thank you from a community member to Officer Lumpkin

Phoenix Police Officer Lumpkin responded to the call and, after hearing of the situation, the officer truly wanted to help this woman. In doing so, she went above and beyond to provide a resource for this woman before the officer returned to service. The community member was so grateful that she wanted to say thank you.

Posted by City of Phoenix Police Department on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Lumpkin, who has been a Phoenix police officer for 21 years, then drove to a nearby AutoZone and bought a car battery from store employee Alex Rivera. After explaining why she was buying it, Rivera gave her a discount and agreed to help install it.

On Tuesday, the Phoenix Police Foundation recognized Lumpkin with an outstanding community award for stepping in to help.

Anaya said Lumpkin is well-deserving of the award.

“That was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me,” Anaya said. “I was really choked up about it. I am very grateful.”

Lumpkin said she didn’t expect to be recognized for her actions.

“As a Phoenix police officer, you do have your duties to enforce the law,” she said.

“It’s also about service and love and being compassionate and being a blessing to people’s lives when you have the opportunity to do so. This was just another opportunity to do that.”

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