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Gun-wielding suspect accused of stealing 3 cases of beer in Phoenix

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If looks could kill, this thief would be in even more trouble. This crime happened Thursday, April 11 at the Circle K at 23rd and Glendale avenues.

“Our suspect comes into the convenience store wearing a hooded sweatshirt,” says Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild.

“He goes over to where the beer is and takes a case of beer. Then he walks out without making any attempt to pay for it.”

A customer wasn’t about to let this guy get away with it and tried to stop the beer thief.

Rothschild says, “The beer cans go flying on the ground and, instead of leaving, (the suspect) pulls out a gun and points it at the clerk then goes and gets two more cases of beer.”

This time he stared down both the employee and the customer as he walked out the door.

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Our next case takes us to the Family Dollar store at 38th Street and Van Buren Road on Saturday, March 2.  There were a lot of customers and several were waiting to check out.

“Two of people, who we’re calling suspects, were watching the clerk prepare the bank deposit bag,” says Rothschild.

Investigators say the clerk stuffed the deposit in a backpack and took off on a bicycle.

The two suspects got into their vehicle, blocked the clerk’s path, then assaulted the employee and took the backpack with the bank deposit in it.

The suspects’ vehicle is described as a black or dark blue Nissan Altima with chrome wheels.  It looks like it may be a 2006 model.

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