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Scottsdale man accused of beating, torturing girlfriend in ‘sex dungeon’

Jason Smith (MCSO Photo)

PHOENIX — A Scottsdale man was arrested last week for allegedly beating and torturing his girlfriend in a so-called “sex dungeon” at his home.

Police said the victim reported on May 6 that she had been held against her will and assaulted by her boyfriend, 48-year-old Jason Smith, multiple times from February through May.

Police said the victim met Smith on a dating app and moved in with him because she had unstable housing.

The victim told police that Smith had a “sex dungeon” with multiple torture devices in his home. She also said he forced her to sign a contract saying he could “use as much force as he wanted against her” or he would kick her out of the home.

She accused Smith of not allowing her to get a job, have any money, enter certain parts of the house or use any personal electronic devices. If she violated these rules, he would beat her, she said.

The victim said that on March 3, Smith dragged her by hair into the “sex dungeon” and shocked her with an electric collar and whipped her while she was restrained.

Afterward, Smith allegedly put her in a metal cage where she experienced an epileptic episode. The victim said Smith did not render aid but threw a bucket of water on her.

She said this degree of assault happened on at least four occasions. She told police she remained at the house because she had nowhere else to go.

She told police that after more bad experiences she decided to run away. She said she found a hidden key to the back gate and was able to use a phone to arrange a ride.

The person who picked her up helped her contact an officer. Police said the photos the victim showed them of her injuries were consistent with “being hit with blunt objects.”

Smith was arrested on one count each of kidnapping and aggravated assault and held on a $250,000 bond.

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