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City of Phoenix cracking down on people illegally dumping trash

PHOENIX — The city of Phoenix is cracking down on people who are illegally dumping trash.

“People that illegally dump, we’re going to catch you,” said Jesse Duarte, the city’s deputy public works director.

The city installed high-quality cameras in four regions that experience frequent illegal dumping to catch people in the act.

Similar cameras had been installed in the past. Duarte said these new cameras work better because they provide a clearer picture, allowing the city to get license plate numbers to track down people who are illegally dumping.

The city plans to add up to 10 new sets of cameras next year.

“We want to put the message out that this is illegal to do,” Duarte said.

An alley near Third Street and South Mountain Avenue in Phoenix is one of the areas that currently has cameras installed.

On Wednesday, there was a large pile of items there. It included clothes, shoes, cardboard boxes, a door and a car seat. Duarte said many of these items could have been recycled or donated.

He added that larger items have been dumped in the area.

A video released Wednesday shows a small car pulling up and three individuals dumping various items, including a sofa, a carpet and several pieces of furniture.

Duarte said the cameras installed in the alley would be used to track down the three individuals.

Illegal dumping carries a $2,500 fine. Duarte said Phoenix residents can avoid having to pay that fine by using the city services that offer to get rid of unwanted items for free or at a low cost.

Those services include transfer stations where Phoenix residents can dump up to 2,000 pounds of trash at no cost, as long as they present a water bill.

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