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What’s weirder than a 3-eyed raven? How about a 3-eyed snake?

Australia’s response to Winterfell’s three-eyed raven?

Hold my beer.

Wildlife rangers in Humpty Doo – that’s right, Humpty Doo – made a discovery recently that’s part awesome, part terrifying: a three-eyed snake.

According to a Wednesday Facebook post by Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife, the juvenile snake is about 15 inches long.

Because malformed reptiles aren’t uncommon, the rangers think the bonus eye was a natural occurrence, not anything related to environmental factors.

X-rays showed that the snake didn’t have two heads that had fused together, just one skull with an extra socket.

Unlike its feathered counterpart (or whatever the heck Brandon Stark is) on “Game of Thrones,” there is no indication this triple-eyed creature has visions.

However, all three eyes are functional.

So maybe the snake, like Bran, sees more than it’s letting on.

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