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‘Think Tank’ discusses dirty money with Terry Goddard

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Terry Goddard is a former Arizona attorney general, former mayor of Phoenix and two-time Democratic nominee for Arizona governor.

Over the past four decades, he has also been Arizona’s master practitioner of the art of citizen initiatives.

His current quest is to “Outlaw Dirty Money” through a citizen initiative. Given his track record of successful petition efforts, any such effort with his fingerprints on it warrants public attention.

We ask him to explain:

• What is “dirty money” anyway?

• What happened to earlier such efforts — not only statewide but in Tempe and Phoenix?

• What has the legislature done to make efforts like this more difficult?

• What are the takeaways from the successful “Save Our Schools” citizen initiative in 2018?

Goddard is one of the most enduring public figures in Arizona politics. And, by every indication, he’s not done trying to shape our political rules of the game.

Editor’s note: This episode of Think Tank originally aired May 5, 2019. 

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