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April Fools! Here are some highlights from the prank-filled holiday

(Park University Photo)

April Fools’ Day arrived Monday with a long list of pranks lurking online, with companies and celebrities seeing how many people they could dupe.

Many of the practical jokes this year involved cute animals, while some were downright gross.

Here are some of this year’s best hoaxes:

Diamondbacks announce the Churro Burger

The Arizona Diamondbacks, known for offering some unique food options at Chase Field like the tater tot-topped hot dog and apple pie nachos, announced the debut of a new Churro Burger.

A mix between a meaty dinner and a sugary dessert, the burger grossed out most of the D-backs’ Twitter followers.

The team clarified the tweet was a joke with a follow-up: “We’re adventurous with our #DbacksEats, but not THAT adventurous.”

Phoenix Zoo announces birth of Tortobear

The Phoenix Zoo announced its newest addition Monday — a newborn Andean Tortobear.

What looks to be the mashup of a tortoise and an Andean bear rides on the back of his reptilian parent.

But, all jokes aside, the zoo did actually welcome an adorable baby giraffe to its facility on Monday.

Park University opens program for pets

Park University, a Missouri-based school with a campus in Gilbert, transformed its website Monday to introduce Bark University.

The school encouraged pets to come get their “dog-gree” and redefine what is “paw-sible.”

“Ruff ruff ruff. Woof-woof. Arf Bark U ruff woof,” Summer, an “under-growl-duate” studying Fetchology, said about her experience.

Waymo launches self-driving rides for pets

The self-driving ride-share company debuted a new service Monday: Waymo Pet.

“Mittens is in total control of the driving experience, but never taxed by the stresses of driving,” according to Peter C., the company’s animal UX designer.

Cats get laser pointer shows on their rides, while hamsters get a wheel-powered cooling system.

Waymo said animals can apply starting now — although they have yet to release an app that recognizes pawprints.

Duolingo announces new Push service

Users of the language-learning app Duolingo know that guilty feeling of ignoring a reminder to complete a lesson at the end of day.

Now, to get people to stick to their lesson plans, Duo the owl is using a more effective strategy — showing up in real life.

Duo comes in three modes — encouraging, disappointed and passive aggressive — and will be sure to whip lazy learners into shape.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady retires

Tom Brady decided an April Fools’ joke was the best way to launch his Twitter account.

Fresh off his sixth Super Bowl win, the quarterback announced his retirement, which he followed up with “Was this a bad joke?”

Google introduces screen cleaner function

Google, an April Fools’ regular, released a video Monday showing off its new screen cleaner feature in the Files app.

The app uses “gemoetric dirt models” and a “haptic micromovement generator” to dislodge smudges from any phone’s surface.

And, as an added bonus, it leaves your phone with a pleasing pineapple scent.

U.S Open introduces puppy ball-fetchers

In an effort to spice up the game, the U.S. Open decided to add puppies to its ballperson team.

Here’s where those hours of playing fetch come in handy.

White Castle auctions off burger made in 1921

White Castle announced it was auctioning off its very first original slider, carbon frozen in 1921.

The fast food giant told fans to watch the auction live, but the link led to an April Fools’ message.

Its first burger, it clarified, was eaten 30 seconds after it was made.

By the way, White Castle’s first Arizona location is due to open later this year in Scottsdale — and that’s no joke.

James Comey announces a 2020 bid

Former FBI director James Comey tweeted a photo of him standing deep in thought, with the caption “I’m in. #2020.”

He clarified in a follow-up tweet that it was a joke, adding, “But could you imagine a president who used this website to make dad jokes rather than to hurl insults?”

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