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Get a lawn your neighbors will be jealous of

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Spring in Arizona is a magical time when the desert comes to life in all its splendor.

You can encourage that splendor in your own yard while keeping in mind the state’s unique climate and plant life. Doing so will make your flora pop and draw the eye of your entire neighborhood.

Use these seven tips to make your lawn and garden something your neighbors will be jealous of this spring.

Weed often

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your lawn and garden remain a showcase is to continually weed because, once they start cropping up, they seem to never end.

The best way to keep on top of weeds is to stop them from multiplying while they are seeds. Do so by regularly spreading lawn and garden weed preventers. Because weeds germinate at different times, keep applying to deal with each new crop before it pops up.

Additionally, mulch your yard to block the light that weeds need to grow.

Turn compost

Compost will make your garden thrive, as it enriches soil, helps keep moisture, suppresses plant diseases and pests, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Turn your compost every few weeks to let in air and encourage the organic reactions that allow it to thrive.

Fertilize and mulch

Fertilizing helps plants to thrive, so you’ll have beautiful flowers and delicious produce throughout the season. The right fertilizer, such as Ferti-Lome from Ace Hardware, comes in a variety of options, so you can meet all your garden’s needs as the season progresses.

After composting and fertilizing, mulching will give a protective top layer to your yard. In addition to suppressing weeds and preventing them from germinating, mulch helps retain moisture and insulate soil. Pay particular attention to the areas around tree and shrub roots.

Test soil

A commonly overlooked way to boost the vibrancy of your garden is to regularly test and fix your soil’s pH levels, with a kit you can pick up from your local garden store.

The ideal pH level is 6.5, according to Organic Lifestyle Magazine, with 7 being neutral, above 7 being alkaline, and below 7 being acidic. Slightly acidic soil will effectively break down nutrients, making for a fertile growing environment.

You can raise soil pH by adding limestone and lower it by adding sulfur. Test and adjust every few weeks.

Prune flowering shrubs

Pruning shrubs after they bloom maximizes their beauty and allows them to bloom in full.

Prune once a year to maintain the shrubs’ shapes and to rejuvenate their blooming potential, according to The Spruce. If you prune early in Spring, you may not see blossoms, but your shrubs will be healthier in the long run.

Plant perennials

In Arizona’s hot, arid climates, perennials are popular because they live for several years, as opposed to annuals. If you want a lovely garden throughout the year, look for perennials that bloom at different times, so you’ll always have pops of color.

Just as with other plants, perennials need to be fed, watered and cared for to ensure they return year after year.

Tend fruit trees

Fruit trees are both lovely and a source of delicious and healthy treats.

Start the season by culling dead branches. As you begin to see growth, prune the trees, so the fruit is four to five inches apart. This encourages the fruit to mature to full-size and will yield a healthy crop.

No matter your tasks in the yard this spring, visit Ace Hardware for expert advice and the premium products you’ll need to make your lawn and garden the star of your neighborhood.