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Four benefits of having a wireless security system

This article is Sponsored by Sanderson Ford

If you are on the fence about whether to invest in a wireless security system, consider that a robbery occurs every 1.6 seconds in the United States, according to the FBI.

You need your security system to work only once to grasp its worth. If you don’t want to end up just another statistic, consider these four reasons that wireless security systems are a necessity.

They discourage crime

Security systems dissuade burglars from breaking and entering your home. In fact, research by the University of North Carolina found that, if a house has an alarm, 60 percent of burglars will move on.

Advances in wireless security systems offer homeowners 24/7 monitoring and notifications to help protect you.

“Most wireless systems send out the alarm via cell phone signal,” according to “That means that even if your power goes out or your phone lines are cut, your system is still connected to the alarm company, the local police, and anyone else on the notification list. Even the best burglar would have a hard time taking out the entire cell network.”

Wireless systems like Ring, SimpliSafe and Abode offer do-it-yourself alarm installation, affordability and portability, so they can go with you when you move. They also don’t require long-term commitments for monitoring services, although those are available if you want them.

“Ring’s $10-per-month live-monitoring plan is the least expensive we’ve found, but the call center always responded promptly to alarms,” according to review site Wirecutter.

Phoenix residents have the added benefit of registering their Ring alarm system with the Phoenix Police Department’s Virtual Block Watch, which will help officers protect the community by, for example, allowing them to ask you for security footage when a crime is committed in your neighborhood.

They protect against disaster

Security systems don’t just discourage property crimes, they are an essential part of safeguarding your home from fire and carbon monoxide hazards.

Security systems can detect smoke and carbon monoxide in your home and notify you by sending alerts and sounding a siren.

As for potential flooding or freezing, you can place sensors on the floor or any flat surface near a sink, refrigerator or another water source to alert you when the system detects water or low temperatures.

They save money

Gone are the high-priced, time-consuming days of professional security installation. Wireless systems, like the Ring Alarm Security Kit, are easy to install on your own.

As a bonus, you can save 8-15 percent on your home insurance premium with a security system, according to Wirecutter.

Wireless systems also go hand-in-hand with other smart technologies, such as Amazon Alexa, which lets you arm the system with voice commands.

They give peace of mind

Constant monitoring means less time spent worrying about a crime or fire hazard and more time knowing you and your family are safe.

Wireless systems offer protection because they eliminate the possibility of a burglar cutting phone lines to disable an alarm system. They also come equipped with a panic button, so you can get help when there is an emergency in your home.

An additional resource is the Neighbors app which is a crime-fighting neighborhood watch app that’s free to download and available to everyone in the community, even if you don’t own a Ring security camera or any security system at all to participate — all videos/images are welcome. Sign up for Neighbors to receive real-time updates directly from law enforcement, local neighbors and stay informed of crime and safety activity in your area.

Sanderson Ford wants to help offer that peace of mind to the community. As part of its 60-year dedication to the Phoenix area, they are entering a partnership with Ring and the Phoenix Police Department Virtual Block Watch program, to help keep customers safe. Click here to learn more about this program.