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Here are some offbeat Valentine’s Day ideas for the weird at heart

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It’s Valentine’s Day, that annual lovefest of romantic dinners, red roses, heart-shaped candy boxes and other expressions of affection.

But what about folks who have no use for traditional romance? Maybe they just prefer the unconventional. Or they could be happily unattached, or maybe nursing broken hearts.

There actually are non- and anti-romantic activities out there if you know where to look.

Here are some Valentine’s Day activities for the weird at heart.

Get married at Denny’s

Only in Las Vegas.

For that perfectly unconventional Valentine’s Day wedding, the Denny’s on Fremont Street offers nuptials – with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage.

The diner’s $199 wedding package includes a chapel, a photo booth, a “cake” created with Denny’s bite-sized Pancake Puppies, a champagne toast and two Original Grand Slam meals.

The restaurant’s website calls the offer “the best union since pancakes and syrup.”

Shred your ex, eat some wings

Your heart is in pieces from that recent breakup, and your stomach is grumbling because you worked through lunch.

Hooters is here to help.

If you destroy a photo of your ex, either online or in person, the restaurant will give you 10 free boneless wings when you buy 10.

Maybe you can share all of those wings with somebody new.

Drive to Love or Valentine, Arizona

You don’t need a significant other to visit one of two Arizona places with names that best evoke the holiday: Love and Valentine.

To find Love, head west. It’s a two-hour drive from downtown Phoenix, about 70 miles from the California state line off U.S. 60.

The La Paz County town, actually classified as a populated place by the U.S. Geological Survey, was originally called Lockhart before being renamed in honor of Prescott resident Ernest Love after he was killed during World War I. Not exactly romantic.

It takes about 3½ hours to drive from Phoenix to Valentine. It’s located around 30 miles northeast of Kingman on Historic Route 66.

You might have a hard time finding your Valentine in the Mohave County unincorporated community; its population as of 2010 was about 40.

Something involving cockroaches and zoo animals

The El Paso Zoo came up with the perfect combination of creativity and spite for its Valentine’s Day promotion.

The West Texas zoo will name a cockroach after your ex and feed it (the bug, not your ex) to an animal Thursday.

Maybe an adorable tamarin or marmoset monkey will chow down on your ex’s namesake, or it could be a rhinoceros hornbill, northern tree shrew or meerkat.

The Valentine’s Day cockroach massacre will be streamed live on the zoo’s Facebook page, and the meerkat feast will also be available for viewing via the zoo website’s webcam.

Bon appetit, zoo critters. And good riddance, exes.

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