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Final Word: Obama not wrong for snapping selfie

Wednesday’s outrage centers on the “selfie” photo that President Barack Obama took at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Tuesday, along with the leader of Denmark.

The image of the two, along with Britain’s’ Prime Minister David Cameron, has been seen now around the world.

Why? Because someone took a photo while the selfie was being taken. And of course, the president is being criticized for being selfish, disrespectful and not statesmanlike.


The memorial for Nelson Mandela has been treated as a celebration by most South Africans. Rightfully, the people Mandela governed are celebrating his life instead of mourning him. They sing and dance. They wear traditional African garments. They probably even take selfies.

And what would YOU do if a fellow world leader asked to take a photo with you? Are you going to play President Buzzkill and say no? No, you wouldn’t.

Denmark’s prime minister probably was a little starstruck sitting next to Obama. You know, prime ministers are people too.

Just like rock stars and athletes, big names are often wowed by OTHER big names. Remember Jennifer Lawrence with Jeff Bridges? Yeah. It’s kind of like that.

It’s not like they put Mandela in the picture too. Now that would have been too much.