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Arizona Humane Society: Here’s how to keep pets safe this holiday season

(Arizona Humane Society Photo)

PHOENIX — You’ve made sure to buy safe toys and keep the kids away from the fireplace.

But have you thought about keeping your pets safe this holiday season?

The Arizona Humane Society provided some tips for keeping furry friends out of trouble.

If you’re decorating with plants, you may want to consider buying artificial, the group said — holly, mistletoe and poinsettias are toxic to animals if eaten.

The Humane Society recommended using plastic ornaments rather than glass, avoiding tinsel, securing Christmas trees so they don’t fall on pets and hanging Christmas light wires out of animals’ reach.

Noise is also a potential risk for animals, the group said. Pets that prefer quiet should have a space to go during crowded holiday parties at home.

Many pets get spooked by fireworks and often run away, so it’s important to place them in a safe, secure space come New Year’s Eve.

And when traveling, the Humane Society said, update ID tags and microchips, avoid leaving pets alone in cars and stock up on medications and special foods, if needed.

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