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Phoenix-area commute ranked as one of most expensive in the nation

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PHOENIX — If you feel like you’re spending too much just getting to and from work, here’s some validation.

The Valley has the fourth-most expensive lifetime commute in the nation, according to a driver education website. found that the lifetime cost of commuting in the Phoenix area, on average, is almost $163,000.

The website also calculated the approximate lifetime cost of commuting in Phoenix with different types of cars — $156,000 with a sedan, $167,500 with a minivan and $198,000 with an SUV.

The Valley’s average round-trip commute was 23 miles, and the lifetime distance of commuting was about 256,500 miles.

Dallas, Houston and Atlanta were the only cities where commuting was even more costly.

Tucson, however, fell into the least expensive range, with its average lifetime commute costing just over $104,000. made its calculations based on an average person working full-time for 45 years (age 18 to 63) and working about 250 days per year.

It used U.S. Census Bureau data to determine commute lengths and AAA data to find costs of gas, insurance and maintenance.

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