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Brazilian doctor, accused of killing 300, could be world’s deadliest serial killer

The world may have found its newest and deadliest serial killer.

According to Huffington Post, Virginia Soares de Souza was arrested on suspicion of killing seven patients by delivering fatal doses of muscle relaxers or pulling the plug on life support systems.

Then police began to investigate. It turns out that de Souza is possibly involved in the untimely death of 300 patients.

“There are 20 cases which have already been closed, and we have nearly 300 cases still open which we are looking at,” [Dr. Mario Lobato] said, according to the Daily Mail. “In each case, the testimony of people who worked inside the hospital confirmed what we have found on the patient records.”

Lobato said some patients who died were talking and conscious shortly before their death.

It is believed de Souza was killing to clear bed space.