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Top holiday drink recipes

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‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry, but if your primary interest is in that second verb there, you’ll need a cache of cheery Yuletide cocktails. With nods to seasonal favorites (hello, Mr. Nutmeg), festive twists on old classics and quirky concoctions sure make you host(ess) of the year, you can’t go wrong with this compilation of “spirited” drinks.

Gentleman Jack Cranberry Martini

Cranberries are a staple of the holiday season. In fact, according to Michigan State University, it’s likely the tart red fruit graced the first Thanksgiving table (but likely not in the jellied form often enjoyed today). Don’t stand by while those cranberries play second fiddle to turkey all season long. This festive martini from Cheers to the Host combines smooth Gentleman Jack with tart cranberry juice, then tops it all off with a splash of sweet ginger ale for a martini that’s anything but dirty.

Gin and Gentleman

With the pressure of hosting the perfect holiday soiree, you’ve got more to worry about than your beverage cart (although, to be honest, that’s likely what’s most important to your guests). This simple cocktail is easy on the grocery list and puts a sweet spotlight on a seasonal standard: ginger. Combine Gentleman Jack with either ginger ale or ginger beer (there’s a difference, as explained in the recipe), then top with a squeeze of fresh lime. It’s a crowd pleaser you’ll never have to sweat over.

Very Merry Eggnog

It may be the season’s most divisive flavor, but those who love eggnog really love eggnog. But the same old cocktail year after year can get tired, so put a twist on (but not a twist in, because, gross) your eggnog this year by spiking it with something unexpected. This version from All Recipes adds whiskey to the traditional rum for an unexpected delight. Sprinkle with a little nutmeg and you’ll be sure to thrill your guests — well, the ones who like eggnog, anyway.

Mellow Espresso

It’s the holiday season, so you can do things you usually don’t — like opt for an espresso cocktail rather than the same old espresso after dinner (or lunch, no judgment here). This luscious cocktail from Drink Me embraces everyone’s favorite vices: coffee, cream, vanilla and really good whiskey. Combine Gentleman Jack with vanilla sugar syrup, espresso and coffee cream liqueur for a good shake. Dust with chocolate shavings if your celebration calls for a little (more) indulgence.

Hot Toddy

The weather outside is frightful, so a hot cocktail is more than delightful — it’s practically required. Redbook calls this recipe one of the coziest cocktails for cold weekends. Bonus: It’s easy to make, with no shaker required! Combining whiskey, vermouth, taverna and maple syrup with hot water, this drink certainly goes down smooth. Stand by tradition and serve this in a canning jar, or get cozy with your favorite holiday mug. And feel free to make a little extra — there’s a long winter ahead.

Jack’s Hot Big Apple

If apples, oranges, cloves and cinnamon sticks don’t say “I’m never venturing out into the snow ever again,” then what does? These flavors will make you want to stay in all evening — especially if you opt for the warm version. This recipe from Mollie Stone’s Markets mixes the coziest flavors of the year — cinnamon, cloves and apple cider — with Gentleman Jack for a festive drink you can serve warm or cold. Just simmer the ingredients together and you’re ready to drink and be merry (the “eat” part is optional).