Opinion: It’s time to clean up our elections and end early voting

Nov 14, 2018, 4:35 AM

(Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)...

(Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)

(Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)

We can send professionals to Mars. We can cure diseases and famine, both here and abroad. We can create or invent the next BIG thing, but we can’t run an election.

That’s a simplistic, yet very accurate portrait of elections in 2018.

This time around we have Florida, Georgia, and yes right here in the Copper State.

We are usually our own worst enemy. Worse than that, the fix is relatively easy, and yet we won’t fix it.

In fact, I can almost guarantee a lawmaker or four are plotting a bill that will indeed take a system now ripe with irregularity and integrity issues and make it worse.

Yes, it’s time to end virtually all early voting.

My idea isn’t complicated, and of course nothing being absolute, can be adjusted. But this farce of early voting, provisional voting, mail-in voting and the new internet voting needs to end.

Of course, we will have some exceptions.

Military members out of the states will do mail-in ballots. The elderly can send in their votes. The handicapped as well. There can be other carve outs as well like vacationing out of the country and living out of the country.

Saying you have to work, or have class, or are going to the Rihanna concert or the Suns game are not legit.

With my plan, polls open for three days, perhaps four. They open on the Saturday or Sunday — depending if it is three or four days — remain open on Monday before the election and of course election day.

No more anything else. If you can’t make it to the polls in three or four days, no vote.

Most things in life have deadlines, from paying your taxes, to filing for wanted medical benefits, work assignments, home work assignments, paying bills and on and on and on.

No reason not to have it when it comes to elections. The whining about waiting in line or the polling place is a galling 2 miles from your house or whatever excuse you want to conjure up falls on deaf ears.

By the way, isn’t it funny that these “irregularities” always seem to happen in Democratic districts? I don’t think this is a coincidence at all.

The left now has a penchant for stealing elections, circa their communist and socialist friends in foreign countries.

In the mind of the left, they don’t lose elections. EVER.

No one they know doesn’t vote for their “wonderful” ideas and of course their good-natured, caring concern and compassion for the little guy pap they spew with no basis in reality or fact.

The left stole their own primary, tried to steal the general election, the fake dossier and phony Russia hoax — phony as for Trump’s involvement, not phony for Obama and his band of merry thieved. Even to this day, liberals are waiting with breathless hope that the corrupt Mueller probe ends with indictments at the White House.

Personally, I think voting fraud and election chicanery are rampant.

My belief in the system is gone. I would never mail in my vote for fear that some government stooge, via some polling station, would either recognize my name or see that I am a Republican voter and ditch my ballot.

Many other scenarios play out in my head. None good. Tell me how in a state owned by the Republicans, where the governor and attorney general both scored nice wins, where Republican voters dwarf Democrat and Independents have more than Democrats, did a borderline communist aka Green party leader Kyrsten Sinema beat a military hero who is a moderate Republican?

I smell the sewer, forget the rat. Like in Florida, where votes mysteriously just appear in boxes in some poll workers cars. Or in Georgia, where all the media cares about is the color of the governor hopefuls’ skin rather than any substance.

Election results are still unknown and worst of all the slime of society — the lawyers — have convened to muck up the entire process.

If it were up to the lawyers and the left, we would be on recount number 51,274 in Florida, circa the 2000 election of Gore vs Bush.

In today’s bizzaro election world there are no deadlines, no ID needed, no nothing virtually.

Just show up, flash the minimal of ID, cry if you don’t even have that, yell racism of some sort and vote away.

I haven’t even started on how many illegals more than likely vote. I know #ButBruce #ButBruce.

Save it.

Our election system and process is under siege from the left and early voting is adding to the mess. Its time has come and gone, but abuses have poisoned the entire process.

Bruce Jacobs

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)...

Bruce Jacobs

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Opinion: It’s time to clean up our elections and end early voting