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Meghan McCain ‘touched’ that Sinema used father in acceptance speech


PHOENIX — Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen. John McCain, said she was honored that the newly elected senator from her home state, Kyrsten Sinema, used her late father in her acceptance speech.

“I hope she continues — Kyrsten Sinema — running and governing now as the more moderate Democrat that she ran on,” McCain said during a Tuesday taping of her talk show, “The View.”

“It’s a very interesting day for Arizona and I’m really touched that she decided to invoke my father.”

Sinema praised Sen. McCain in her Monday night speech, given shortly after The Associated Press declared her the winner of the U.S. Senate race over Republican Martha McSally. At the time the race was called, Sinema led McSally, 49.68 percent to 47.96 percent.

“Sen. John McCain stood for everything we stand for as Arizonans: Fighting for what you believe in, standing up for what’s right — even if you stand alone — and serving a cause that is greater than one’s self,” Sinema said.

“He taught us to always assume the best in others, to seek compromise instead of sewing division and to always put country ahead of party,” she added.

“Sen. McCain is irreplaceable but his example will guide our next steps forward.”

McSally, in her race for the U.S. Senate, aligned herself with President Donald Trump.

But Meghan McCain said she believes Sinema’s election showed that Arizona is now a purple state — a term often used for states that fall toward the middle of the party spectrum — and is not “full Trump country.”

“I think people sometimes think that Arizona is full Trump — he only won it by three percent. My father won his election by 14 points,” she said.

“It is still a very independent, civic-minded group of Arizonans who take their right to vote very seriously. I think, going forward into the general, if you think Arizona is locked and loaded into Trump, be wary — this is a sign to come.”

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