Opinion: Election day is here again and the choice is clear — vote Republican

Nov 5, 2018, 9:40 PM

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)...

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Election day is here again and as always, I get excited at the thought of heading to the polls — I never do mail in — and doing my civic duty.

I pity those that complain about having to wait a little while, while the dead soldier and the living soldier have sacrificed much, sometimes EVERYTHING, to uphold this privilege.

Today’s entitled Americans believe everything should be catered to them and their schedules. What I am not excited about is the possibility that the deranged left — the socialist progressives — could take over the House.

So let’s examine what that would mean:

Taxes: Liberal/socialist/progressives believe everyone should pay at least 50 percent, if not more of their hard earned cash to the collective. They never cite working hard as the way to get ahead. No, they cite supposed selfishness and supposed greed. The left will tout Norway or Sweden as examples, yet they never talk about how the citizens of those countries pay over 70 percent of their paycheck for the government to run the handouts they seek. Liberals believe the government can spend their money better than we can.

Immigration: The left, in their hope of making people poorer and more dependent, want open borders and for the U.S. to pay for it. I know it’s sick, but the left actually roots hard for poverty, “victims” and the like because they can try and justify taking more of what earners earn to pay for it. See California for more proof where illegal aliens can now get free health care. Obviously, nothing is free. Someone pays for it, and that someone is the U.S. The left has no problem — NO PROBLEM — with all the destruction illegal immigration causes, from overcrowded hospitals to overcrowded classrooms to the crime some commit.

Military power: The left ALWAYS weakens the military. From Barack Obama’s rules of engagement to cutbacks, to disdain (in my opinion) for the heroism our soldiers show every day. Again the left thinks we should not be exceptional, somehow this is bad and wrong. I am sure it is a COINCIDENCE that the left almost always defends our enemies and dislikes our allies. Further proof of this can be found in President Barack Obama’s tenure. He constantly went after Israel, while touting the Iranians, the Cubans, for two examples. It was Bill Clinton who allowed the North Koreans to build nukes, as he gave them the materials and latitude to do so and Obama has done the exact same with the Iranians. Virtually every deal that the Obama regime made, on any front, always saw the United States get the worse end of the deal.

We saw what the last socialist did to this country. Often it resembled a junkyard.

The immense damage done by the Obama regime requires more time to clean up. I am pleased with how swift President Donald Trump has acted is reversing much of the Obama “legacy,” but more needs to be done. There is nothing that smells of progress from Progressive. It just smells. BAD!

I have contended that if we were to truly honor Obama for his eight years, there is nothing more appropriate than stamping his mug on the new welfare card. If you prefer, his portrait on the food stamp, that works for me.

This election is clear. It really is the welfare party versus the paycheck party.

Sadly, many believe they are entitled to the delights of life, that earning them is beyond their capabilities. Or they are just too lazy to go earn their way.

Either way, socialism, progressivism, liberalism, are virtually the same. All lead to destruction, demoralization, dysfunction.

Start with health care. Instead of paying for their own care, the left prefers to be given mediocre at best care.

There is no excellence in liberalism/progressivism because that word, excellence, is somehow bad.

To these folks, everyone is the same. Talent and hard work and drive mean nothing.

The left actually holds up Cuba as the bastion of great health care.

Now, look at the Trump agenda.

Taxes cut, and the economy is crushing it. Military beefed up, both with weapons and rules.

Trump also granted the biggest pay raise for our great military members in history, while bringing major improvements to the VA.

Obama did nothing while the scandal of the VA, the poor treatment and even deaths of service members happened under his watch.

Funny the formula ALWAYS works. JFK cut taxes — he would be thrown out of the Democrat party today — to Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts, to George W. Bush’s cuts and now Trumps.

The economy always improves and again the left can’t have this.

They must have a dependency to thrive, sick as that is. Trump is fighting hard to build that wall along the border, a campaign promise he wants to fulfill. In all honesty, many on the right aren’t cooperative on border issues.

Finally, if you notice the left always runs on taking things away from you while trying to tell us the government can do better. From guns to free speech, to issues of life, to health, the left always wants to take away and plug themselves in as the savior. I am astounded that so many actually still fall for this claptrap.

The left is down to taking away things and of course their go-to card racial and divisive politics. It is revolting, to say the least.

So while I am not enamored with the Republican party, the choice is clear. It is the party of America’s destruction versus the party that still has some belief that America is exceptional and should remain that way. Vote with that in mind on election day!

Bruce Jacobs is a longtime local and national talk show host. He has hosted news and sports shows.

Bruce Jacobs

(Richard Brian/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)...

Bruce Jacobs

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Opinion: Election day is here again and the choice is clear — vote Republican