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What kind of glass situations can be repaired?

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There are lots of great companies out there that can sell you new windows, but there are also some that can fix a broken window if you’re not quite ready to replace a whole houseful of glass.

What kind of situations can be repaired?

Dennis Rusk of ABC Glass Co. in Phoenix, who has a full-time cutter in his business, told us some of the possibilities:

Dual pane windows and doors

They can be reglazed if they are broken. They can be reglazed using the existing frame by ordering a custom-size new glass assembly. That assembly can be installed without having to disrupt the exterior siding or interior finish. This is typically a less expensive, quicker and less troublesome option than other possibilities.

Broken balancers in single hung windows

It happens to thousands of windows every day. A balancer is the part of a hung window that counter-balances the weight of a sash when you open and close a window. When the balancing spring or cord breaks, you can’t raise or lower the window. But you can replace the part, and the window can operate properly again.

Glass shower door

You can fix it if it breaks or is just plain messy. Even if you’re not redoing your bathroom, you can install beautiful all-glass shower doors with brand-new hinges and hardware giving your bathroom a new clean look and feel.

Plastic glazing stops in dual pane windows

They can also be replaced. By doing so, you can lock the moving panel to the opening size you prefer.

Glass top on your dining room table

If it is broken, you can buy a custom-made new one with a variety of edging details to suit your taste.

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