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She Said: Try these five creative foods at the State Fair this fall

Turkey legs (WhereShouldWeEat photo)

I spent the afternoon at the Arizona State Fair this past week and though I love the games and the rides, we all know I went for the food.

You can’t expect to go to the fair these days without trying some creative and inventive foods. I left the fair full, happy and tummy ache free!

There is a vast amount of options at this year’s fair, but I narrowed it down to five items.

The Dole Whip Float

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Dole pineapple soft serve with pineapple juice. I have indulged in a few of these at Disney throughout my life so I was not new to this tart treat. At the fair, this tropical cool treat came in handy as the perfect refresher on a warm fall day.

Keep Your Eyes on the Fries

A gigantic cone of curly fries is a girls’ dream come true! As I made my way through the mound of fries I was trying to figure out if they were individual potato strings that had meld together in the fryer or one constant Christmas light string knot of fries. Either way, they were hot, salty and fresh from the fryer delicious!

Turkey Leg

Everywhere you turn at the fair you see or smell these babies smoking on the grill. You try to resist these colossal sized legs, but after a while you just have to give in and devour it, Fred Flinstone style. The tender, seasoned and smokey meat is addictive as you sink your teeth in bite after bite.

Nitro Candy Pop

Liquid nitrogen-infused caramel corn that looks like a rainbow threw up all over it. The taste is non-existent at first, but the caramel hints slowly sneak in. The consistency of the popcorn is lighter and airier with a snappy crunch. It isn’t my favorite but I give it credit for being unlike anything I have had before.

Deep Fried Watermelon from Cardinali

This is by far the showstopper. A thin sweet batter, drizzled in strawberry syrup and powered sugar coats the cool refreshing watermelon giving your taste buds a thrillingly-strange treat. Goodies like this are the definition of fair food: bringing together odd combinations and not only making it work but making it absolutely wickedly delicious.

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