Clean your window coverings to make the air in your home easier to breathe

Oct 18, 2018, 4:05 PM

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You probably wash your windows and have your carpets cleaned, but have you really cleaned the entire house? What about cleaning the window coverings in your home? Just dusting off those blinds and lampshades probably does next to nothing to clean and spiff up the room.

In fact, the dust on those shades and blinds may be why you or family members suffer with breathing problems and allergies. Often the surfaces of these window coverings are infused with pollen, mold particles, dust, and even those nearly invisible dust mites that can make you itch and scratch.

Now that you’ve heard all that, you are probably thinking about replacing all those window coverings and rugs. Instead, you might reconsider and hire someone at far less cost to thoroughly clean drapes, blinds, and shades and other areas of your house.

Ultrasonic and wet/dry cleaning methods can even make these coverings and furniture look almost new again. Even upholstery and mattresses may also benefit from this kind of super-green cleaning. Some of the same methods can even be used to remove the buildup of soil on window screens.

These are cleaning methods that are biodegradable and safe and also leave no odor, according to Heather Hill of About Blind Cleaning in Phoenix. Products used in the company’s cleaning processes include liquid silicone, a base ingredient in many shampoos, as well as softened water. When released into the environment, liquid silicone breaks down into sand plus trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide.

Most cleaning work done by the company is done on-site with minimal disruption of your family’s daily routine. Some blinds and drapes can even be cleaned on site without removing them from windows. In addition, the company can also clean windows inside and out as well as carpeting and even those chandeliers at the top of your 12-foot ceilings.

So, get ready to get the dust out and breathe easier.

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Clean your window coverings to make the air in your home easier to breathe