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Estonia to open maritime museum in seaplane hangar

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) – Estonia is set to open the Baltic states’ largest maritime museum in a hanger once used by Charles Lindbergh.

The main attractions at the (EURO)15 million ($20 million) Seaplane Harbour will be a British-built submarine dating from the 1930s and a life-size replica of the 184 seaplane, a British two-seater designed by Short Brothers.

The unique concrete hangar housing the museum was built in 1916-17 when Estonia was part of czarist Russia. Its most famous guest Lindbergh, the U.S. aviator, who flew there from Moscow in 1933 as part of his tour around Europe.

The hangar was a closed military zone from 1940, when the Soviet Union annexed Estonia, until 1991 when the Baltic state regained its independence.



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