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Cannabis kitchen is ready to cook up medical marijuana pastries and pizzas

(The Mint Dispensary Photo)

PHOENIX — The Mint Dispensary’s cannabis kitchen opens for business Friday in Tempe.

The first-of-its-kind kitchen will be preparing meals for patients with medical marijuana cards.

Carylann Principal serves as the executive chef at the cannabis kitchen and said they will be cooking up everything from pizza to pastries with a low dosage of medical marijuana added to the mix.

“So that people can eat them and not get that high, but a slight effect,” Principal said.

In order to get food from the Mint Dispensary, Principal said you must have a medical marijuana card.

“It’s just how you would buy anything over the counter, would be just like buying one of the edibles,” Principal said.

Patients using the medical marijuana food suffer from various diseases and disorders.

“I’ve had cancer patients, breast cancer patients, brain cancer patients, PTSD people, people that just have huge society disorders where they really can’t leave the house unless they have some type of cannabis,” Principal said.

On Jan. 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memorandum immediately rescinding the Obama administration’s long-standing guidance limiting federal enforcement of medical marijuana. 

Principal said a raid by the federal government is always a concern for a marijuana dispensary.

“As long as we keep within compliance we’re good,” Principal said.

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