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Steady business, good staff are reasons to be grateful, not worried

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Question: I’m a dentist, and I own a successful practice that is debt-free. I have a great office manager and staff, and I love what I do, but I can’t stop thinking about losing team members to other practices and keeping the business successful.

I feel stressed out all the time, and I’m starting to develop health issues as a result.

Recently, I received an offer with another practice. It pays less than I make now, but it offers more benefits and much more time off. What do you think I should do?

Answer: I’m not a doctor, but it sounds like you’re suffering from two things — comparison and worry.

You just told me you have a great office manager and staff, you’re doing work you love, and you have no debt on your business. Outside forces should not be dragging you down, man. Life is good!

I think it’s your mindset, not your business or career, that needs a change. And this kind of thing starts with gratitude. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

What does winning look like in your reality? What makes you feel happy and satisfied? What is your definition of success?

Perhaps you could sit down and talk to a close friend or even a professional counselor.

Often, an unbiased opinion can make us realize things that had gotten lost in the hectic, day-to-day grind.

Sometimes those opinions, especially coming from people we respect and care about, can open our eyes!