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Chronology of Demjanjuk case

(AP) – Key dates in the life of John Demjanjuk:

_ 1920: Born in Ukraine.

_ 1942: Captured by German forces while serving in the Soviet Red Army.

_ 1952: Demjanjuk emigrates to the U.S., claims to have spent much of World War II in a German prisoner of war camp.

_ 1958: Gains U.S. citizenship.

_ 1977: Justice Department seeks to revoke citizenship, alleging Demjanjuk hid past as Nazi death camp guard “Ivan the Terrible.”

_ 1981: Citizenship revoked.

_ 1986: Extradited to Israel for trial over his alleged role at Treblinka death camp.

_ 1988: Convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity, sentenced to death.

_ 1993: Israel’s Supreme Court unanimously rules Demjanjuk was not “Ivan the Terrible,” overturning 1988 verdict and returning him to U.S.

_ 1998: Regains U.S. citizenship.

_ 1999: U.S. Justice Department again seeks to revoke citizenship, alleging that although not “Ivan the Terrible,” Demjanjuk was a guard at Nazi death and forced labor camps.

_ 2002: Loses U.S. citizenship again.

_ 2005: U.S. immigration judge says Demjanjuk can be deported to Germany, Poland or Ukraine.

_ March 11, 2009: German prosecutors issue arrest warrant, accusing Demjanjuk of being accessory to murder and say they will seek deportation from U.S.

_ May 11, 2009: Berlin court rejects appeal against deportation; Demjanjuk leaves home by ambulance and is flown to Germany.

_ July 3, 2009: Demjanjuk deemed fit to stand trial though his time in court must not exceed two 90-minute sessions daily.

_ November 30, 2009 _ Trial opens in Munich state court.

_ April 12, 2011 _ AP uncovers an FBI report kept secret for 25 years, which says the Soviet Union “quite likely fabricated” the Nazi ID card used as a key piece of evidence in prosecution of Demjanjuk.

_ May 12, 2011 _ Demjanjuk convicted of 28,060 counts of accessory to murder. Sentenced to five years in prison but immediately released pending appeal.

_ Jan. 20, 2012 _ U.S. judge refuses to offer Demjanjuk chance to regain American citizenship on appeal after revelation of FBI report on ID card, after former agent testifies the report was “based on speculation.”

_ March 17, 2012 _ Demjanjuk dies in his room in a Bavarian nursing home.

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