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Official ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer creates super buzz — 6 months early

“Captain Marvel” doesn’t hit theaters until the spring, but the highly anticipated superhero flick is already taking the internet by storm.

Marvel Studios dropped the official trailer Tuesday morning, it soon became a top Twitter trend, and by midday it was at 9 million views and counting on YouTube.

If there was any doubt that the movie is bound to be a blockbuster, just watch the 1-minute, 56-second clip, which starts with the title character falling from the sky through the roof of a Blockbuster Video store.

From there, it’s all dramatic music, special effects, action and Samuel L. Jackson – everything you could want from a superhero movie.

And of course, with Brie Larson in the title role, it’s the first Marvel movie with a female main lead.

The trailer slyly alludes to this fact with the word “Her” on the screen expanding to “A Hero” – something that didn’t go unnoticed in the Twittersphere.

And it wasn’t just the trailer that Marvel released Tuesday. The studio also unveiled a teaser poster with the tagline “Higher, Further, Faster.”

The Academy Award-winning star of the movie seemed awfully proud of her super self, tweeting “Look Mom, I’m a superhero.”

The worst part of the trailer? The end, when “March 2019” flashes on the screen, meaning the movie won’t be out for six months.

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