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A look at Greece’s new austerity measures

(AP) – Greece’s lawmakers are to vote on a bill detailing euro3.18 billion ($4.2 billion) worth of austerity measures, as part of a second euro130 billion ($171 billion) bailout package and euro107 billion ($141 billion) debt relief deal with private creditors.

Here is a glance of the main budget cuts.

_euro537 million cut to health and pension funds, of which euro500 million goes from the new national primary health care organization; euro15 million from OTE phone company fund; euro21 million out of the public power company fund.

_euro200 million cut to operating costs for ministries.

_euro400 million cut in Defense Ministry spending, of which euro300 million will go from procurement and euro100 million from operating costs.

_euro386 million cut in main and supplementary pensions.

_euro576 million cut in pharmaceutical spending.

_euro50 million cut to state hospital doctors’ overtime.

_euro43 million cut in subsidies for families with more than three children.

_euro25 million cut to Culture and Tourism Ministry funding.

_euro86 million cut to Agriculture and Food Ministry spending, of which euro26 million in subsidies and euro60 million in compensation.

_euro80 million cut to education spending, including euro39 million in replacement teacher fees and fees for teachers working in Greek schools abroad, and euro10 million in research and technology subsidies.

_euro70 million cut in election spending.

_euro59 million in funding for municipalities.

_euro66 million cut in Finance Ministry spending for state pensions.

_euro205 million cut to state salary costs.

_euro400 million cut to public investment budget.

_euro3 million cut to utility company salary costs.

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