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Snoozing your way to success this school season

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With back-to-school season in full swing, it can be easy to succumb to poor wellness routines that include stress and lack of sleep. During the school year, only 15 percent of young adults report getting at least 8.5 hours of sleep when 8-10 hours should be the standard for optimal performance. Studying for exams and active social lives can make it easy to skip out on a good night’s rest.

Help your kids make the best use of their sleep (and your budget) by bundling up packages to send them off to Dreamland. With a good night’s rest, they can wake up to take on the world whether they’re still at home or a few states away.

For the student who: is always on trend alert

They’re always up on the hottest trends and can quote pop culture references like nobody’s business. They’re on the go, and when it’s time to crash, they need a sleep set-up that will support them all night long.

The Trending Bundle

The Brooklyn Signature mattress has been deemed the #BestMattressEver, making it just as supportive and comfortable as it is tweet-able. Busy days keeping up with the world calls for a cool place to crash when it’s time to shut it down, which is why we love a match set with super breathable Bamboo Sateen sheets for a cool and comfy sleep experience. Paired with a premium shredded foam pillow to support the last bit of late night Instagram scrolling before lights-out.

For the student who: works hard and plays hard 

The perfect set for your student who likes to hit the great outdoors as soon as they’re done hitting the books. If they’re running hot on the court, give them the chance to cool down. Teens and young adults with physically active lifestyles have different sleep needs that the average couch potato. A full day of activity results in a faster metabolism, higher core temperature, and can lead to night sweats and “sleeping hot” – two major contributors to poor sleep quality and insomnia.

The Play It Cool Bundle

Choosing a mattress like the Brooklyn Aurora offers with advanced cooling elements is the prime choice for your elite athlete. Designed to maintain an ideal sleep skin temperature of 88 degrees (a full three degrees lower than the average skin temperature of 91 degrees), the Brooklyn Aurora features a surface layer infusion of TitanCool™ that delivers dynamic sleep temperature regulation.

A soft and lightweight Bamboo Sateen Sheet set made with naturally derived materials and a pair of Talalay Latex Pillows provide superior neck and head support in a material up to seven times more breathable than other latex foams. That’s what we’re calling the Optimal Performance Zone.

For the student who: Crunches numbers like a pro

Your future STEM expert knows how to tackle the numbers and the coming generation is notorious for being savvy price-checking shoppers. Studious teens might find themselves tied to their desk more than their bed, but when it finally is time to drift off, they can rest easy knowing that their college savings aren’t going to burn a hole in their pocket before they hit senior year.

The Budget Builder’s Bundle

The Brooklyn Bowery is the coziest all-foam mattress on the market, featuring three layers of high quality foam designed to deliver exceptional support and durability with cradling comfort for better rest. Two inches of gentle transition foam provides enhanced pressure point relief and motion isolation so your hard working student can drift off to sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.

Add super soft Brushed Microfiber sheets for the coziest tuck-in after a long night of studying. And because your hard-working teen might like things “just so,” provide them with a versatile Shredded Foam Pillow — made using premium shredded foam that’s easy to add and remove for the perfect loft.

Whether they are just making it to freshman year in high school or anxiously awaiting the moment to throw their graduation caps in the air, make sure you’ve got them covered and well rested for whatever will come their way this year with Brooklyn Bedding’s Back to School Bundles.

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