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Phoenix assault victim comes forward 20 years later

A horrible secret held for two decades…

“The victim, a 20-year-old-female, was afraid to come forward,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said.

The young woman was sexually assaulted in September 1998 by a man police believe is named Gustavo (aka Stavo). He was 22.

The victim, a friend and the suspect, went to an apartment complex near 15th Avenue and Indian School Road.

Thompson said the friend and Stavo went into an apartment and when the friend didn’t come out, she went looking for her.

She was met at the door by Stavo.

“She was taken into a bedroom at gunpoint and sexually assaulted” while her friend was tied up in the living room.

Stavo threatened to hurt her and her family. She was afraid for 20 years but she never forgot his face.

She helped a sketch artist create a picture of him and it’s been aged-progressed to show what he may look like at 42.

“It concerns us that there could be the possibility that this was not the only time that Stavo sexually assaulted a victim,” Thompson said.

Learn more about the case here.

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