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At a glance: Al-Qaida’s most wanted

(AP) – The arrest of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith _ an al-Qaida spokesman, fundraiser and son-in-law to Osama bin Laden _ is another victory in the war against terror, U.S. officials say. Here are other major al-Qaida figures who remain at large, or who have been captured or killed:


AYMAN AL-ZAWAHRI, Egyptian, bin Laden’s doctor and spiritual adviser.

SAIF AL-ADIL, Egyptian, bin Laden security chief.

SHAIKH SAIID AL-SHARIF, Saudi, bin Laden’s brother-in-law and Sept. 11 financier.

ABU MOHAMMAD AL-MASRI, Egyptian, training camp commander.

ABU HAFS THE MAURITANIAN, operational and spiritual leader.

ZAID KHAYR, operational leader (at large, but presumed dead).

ABU BASIR AL-YEMENI, Yemeni, aide to Osama bin Laden.

ABD AL-AZIZ AL-JAMAL, aide to al-Zawahri.

ZAKARIYA ESSABAR, member of cell with chief Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta.

SAID BAHAJI, member of cell with chief Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta.


KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED, Kuwaiti-Pakistani, suspected mastermind of Sept. 11 attacks.

ABU ZUBAYDAH, Palestinian-Saudi, “terrorist coordinator.”

ABD AL-RAHIM AL-NASHIRI, Saudi, Persian Gulf operations chief.

TAWFIQ ATTASH KHALLAD, Yemeni, operational leader, suspected mastermind of USS Cole bombing in October 2000.

ABD AL-HADI AL-IRAQI, training camp commander.

ABU ZUBAIR AL-HAILI, Saudi, operational planner.

SULAIMAN ABU GHAITH, Kuwaiti, al-Qaida spokesman.

RAMZI BINALSHIBH, Yemeni, planner and organizer of Sept. 11 attacks.

ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI, charged as conspirator with Sept. 11 hijackers.


OSAMA BIN LADEN, Saudi, supreme leader: Killed by U.S. Navy SEALs May 2, 2011.

MOHAMMED ATEF, Egyptian, military chief: Killed in U.S. airstrike.

QAED SALIM SINAN AL-HARETHI, Yemeni, Yemen operations chief: Killed in U.S. airstrike.

IBN AL-SHAYKH AL-LIBI, Libyan, training camp commander: Reported suicide.

SAAD BIN LADEN, Saudi, bin Laden’s son: Intelligence officials believe he was killed in a drone airstrike

TARIQ ANWAR AL-SAYYID AHMAD, Egyptian, operational planner: Killed in U.S. airstrike.

MOHAMMED SALAH, Egyptian, operational planner: Killed in U.S. airstrike.

ABU MUSAB AL-ZARQAWI, Jordanian, operational planner: Killed in U.S. airstrike.

MIDHAT MURSI, Egyptian, responsible for research on weapons of mass destruction: Killed.

MOHAMMED JAMAL KHALIFA, Saudi, financier: Killed.

HAMZA AL-QATARI, financier: Killed.

AHMAD SAID AL-KADR, Egyptian-Canadian, financier: Killed.

ABU SALAH AL-YEMENI, logistics, Killed.

ABU JAFAR AL-JAZIRI, aide to Abu Zubyadah: Killed.

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