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Author of ‘The Real Trump Deal’ stops by the Think Tank

Marty Latz has been on the show before, discussing his expertise in negotiation.

He’s just written a new book, “The Real Trump Deal,” which examines Trump’s nearly 50 years of deal-making, in real estate, media, and now in politics.

Those looking for either a hit job or unquestioning idolatry of Donald Trump should look elsewhere.

Latz’s book is a careful examination of Trump’s negotiating style. And — spoiler alert — there are both successes and failures.

But Trump’s won-loss record is not the real point of the book. The insight that Latz provides is through examination of patterns in Trump’s negotiating style, most of which have not changed in 50 years.  He argues that the same behaviors have been responsible for both his successes and his failures.

Latz’s analysis provides a valuable clue into how he has conducted both foreign and domestic affairs, and relationships with Congress, and how he is likely to do so in the future.

Get inside the head of Donald Trump this week.

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