Grand Canyon wildfire reaches nearly 10,000 acres, forcing more closures

(InciWeb Photo)

PHOENIX – A Grand Canyon wildfire spreading through pine needles and downed logs has grown to nearly 10,000 acres in more than three weeks, resulting in more closures of several trails.

The Obi Fire had consumed an estimated 9,921 acres as of Monday night, according to InciWeb.

Lightning started the blaze July 21 on the far southwest corner of the North Rim’s Wahalla Plateau, above Obi Point.

Smoke from the Grand Canyon wildfire was visible from both rims of Grand Canyon National Park.

Recent growth has been in the northern and eastern perimeter of the fire.

In response to the growth of the fire, the Swamp Ridge Road, the North Bass Trail, and the Powell Plateau Trail were also closed on Monday.

Officials closed Cape Royal Road on Aug. 8 until further notice as firefighters prepped the area.

The closure also included Cape Final Trail, Cliff Spring Trail, the northern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Point Imperial to Cape Royal Road and the southern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Cape Royal Road to the old Bright Angel Trail.

(InciWeb Map)

The road to Point Imperial and all other North Rim trails and facilities remained unaffected.

One handcrew, a fire ecologist, four engines and a helicopter have been assigned to confining and containing the flames.

Temporary closures also have been issued as a result of the 2,000-acre Cat Fire in the Kaibab National Forest, north of the Obi Fire.

Nankoweap Trail and the Point Imperial Trail were closed, as was Fire Point on the North Rim.