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Watch a dog take hilarious GoPro footage of a yard chase

We can retire the GoPro.

All its neat adventure videos led up to this dog’s heist of the camera.

Reddit account carmenlighting posted the results with the caption “The only reason we have a GoPro…” last week, and it quickly spread to Twitter.

Subsequent Reddit comments show that the dog is a pitbull named Bonnie, who was given a ping pong paddle with a GoPro mounted to the handle.

We’re going to dive deep into the analysis of this important video and pick out the most important parts to watch for in order to maximize viewership enjoyment.

The eyes

Look at those eyes dart around. The dog is constantly looking for the best route, the next alleyway, the sharpest turn to keep her pursuers on her tail – but just far enough behind that they can’t actually grab her tail.

The constant movement pairs perfectly with the panting of the dog.


And then she stares directly into the camera, as if telling you — we’re in this together. We are a team. Let’s run.

The ears

It takes 22 seconds before Bonnie’s ears stop just long enough for her ears to go back to normal position.

Then, we’re off and running.

The dog’s ears are either behind her head or flapping in the wind in a very cute and very aerodynamic way.

It’s no wonder this dog is faster than the others with these effective propellants. She’s just lucky the ears didn’t flap her off the ground.

The pursuers

First, the people.

Immediately, a person in a red shirt jumps into frame with his arms in the air. He gives up chase quickly, though, preferring to take a different route to cut off Bonnie from a different part of the yard.

It almost works. He catches up a few seconds later, but the pitbull is too fast. She’s gone.

Again, he appears in the background, but Bonnie is far too fast for a mere two-legged man.

Meanwhile, the fellow dogs are sticking close, curious about the strange contraption in Bonnie’s mouth. Even so, it takes until the very end for a dog to fully catch up.

Not that Bonnie didn’t try to let them.

The pause (and her sense of comedic timing)

Twice, she stopped. She waited. And then, the after the perfect amount of time for viewers to think that she might be done, she takes off.


After a couple seconds of silence, she’s gone. You see the man flailing in the background one more time, but to Bonnie, it’s just a game.

It’s the best type of ping pong.

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