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How much would Arizonans lend a neighbor? Study says $100

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PHOENIX — As the Bible says, you should love your neighbor as you do yourself.

But apparently Arizonans only love themselves $100 worth.

A study by Windows USA found that on average, an Arizonan would be willing to lend $104.15 to a neighbor.

That’s on the middle-to-low end of the 50 states. Many are in the $100 range, and several, particularly in the northeast, would be willing to part with $200.

The highest amount was Alaska. Residents claimed they would lend an average of $706.15.

North Dakota neighbors were the least generous. On average, they said they would lend $16.26 to someone who lives on their block.

Despite most states averaging in the $100-$200 range, very few spend adequate time with people who live nearby. The study found that Americans socialize with neighbors only 3.7 times per year, on average.

Altruism comes through more often than not, though. More than three-quarters of Americans said they would house their neighbors if the neighbor had to leave home.

While we don’t know our neighbors well, when it comes to catastrophe, we’re willing to lend a couch.

Or maybe $100, depending on the state you’re in.

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