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Americans more likely to buy insurance for international travel

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PHOENIX — More Americans are buying travel insurance before they head out of the country for an international trip, according to a recent survey from AAA Travel.

Nearly four in 10 Americans (38 percent) are likely to purchase travel insurance for future international trips.

For those travelers, trip cancellation defense is the most valuable benefit: Nine out of 10 (88 percent) of those who are likely to purchase insurance said that getting their money back, if they cancel a trip, is their top priority.

“From family emergencies to natural disasters, there are many unknowns that can throw an unexpected wrench into a planned vacation,” Michelle Donati, a spokeswoman for AAA Arizona, told KTAR News 92.3 FM on Tuesday.

“Travelers are increasingly not taking chances and choosing to invest in the value and peace of mind that travel insurance can provide.”

The AAA Travel survey found that the leading reasons people decided to purchase travel insurance were personal or family concerns, how far in advance the trip was booked and recommendations from family and friends to purchase insurance.

“The relatively small upfront cost of travel insurance can pay back dividends in the event of sudden and emergency circumstances before or during a vacation,” Donati said.

“As policies and coverage options vary, travelers should consult a travel agent to explore their travel insurance options.”

Travel insurance also provides peace of mind in case you land at your destination — but your bags do not.

“Airlines mishandled more than 22 million bags in 2017,” Donati said.

“Travel insurance can provide coverage to replace needed items if a traveler’s luggage is delayed or stolen.”

Insurance may also help cover medical expenses if you or someone you are traveling with gets sick.

Travel insurance can help cover medical expenses because most insurance policies do not cover international travel.

Another area protected when travel insurance is purchased is securing flights. Not all airlines cover all the costs associated with delayed or canceled flights.

Travel insurance can help travelers recover their costs after spending on re-booking fees, meals, and other accommodations with last minute hotels and rental cars.

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