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A fence can’t separate this 2-year-old and a dog from a game of fetch

(Twitter screenshot/@CMNelsonPhoto)

There’s a children’s book called “Unlovable.”

To quickly summarize, a little pug named Alfred gets mocked by other animals because he’s different: his tail is curly, his legs are too short to run, his mouth is too small to hold a ball.

But he meets another dog, Rex, through a fence. To Alfred’s relief, the two can’t see each other due to the barrier. He tells Rex he’s a golden retriever so the new friend won’t realize how unlovable Alfred really is.

But, the fateful day comes when Rex decides to dig over to Alfred’s side.

Surprise! They’re both pugs.

They frolic together. It’s all very cute. I’d highly recommend reading it.

A video that went viral over the weekend, also about two friends separated by a fence, might be just as cute.

Unlike Alfred and Rex, though, the adorableness doesn’t come from their similarities showing a dog he’s perfect the way he is; instead, it comes from their differences.

A two-year-old – one who has a surprisingly strong arm, I may add – chucks a ball over the fence. You see a shape extend to try to catch it.

Wait a moment.

A dog, much larger than the child, pokes his head up over the fence to drop the ball back to the toddler’s side.

The boy – we’ll call him Alfred – doesn’t even have a tail. His legs are too short to run fast. He definitely can’t fit a tennis ball in his mouth.

But the dog on the other side, which looks like it could be a golden retriever, is happy to play with his little friend.

They’re different. But like “Unlovable” author Dan Yaccarino writes near the end of his book:

“Rex was his friend. And Rex liked him just the way he was.”

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