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Tempe child has tooth pulled by accident using toy car

There is a certain sense of pride that comes to children when they start to finally lose their baby teeth, as they believe they are another step closer to adulthood.

While teeth naturally become loose and fall out on their own, there are times when a little help is needed.

That was the case for a Tempe girl named Imani Mireles, who found herself in a somewhat frightening situation as her cousin, Tre, held a remote-control car that had a string attached to one of her loose teeth.

With tears in her eyes and her hands over her mouth, Imani waited patiently for her cousin to drop the car from the sofa, hoping it would pull the tooth with little to no pain.

However, Tre had second thoughts, which then forced her aunt Melissa’s boyfriend, Chris, to grab the car and place it on Imani’s lap.

But that’s when the accidental tooth-pull took place.

The car rolled off her lap and onto the floor, taking the loose tooth with it.

The little girl’s face showed a look of complete shock as she stared at her tooth and then to Chris, who apologized profusely.

But as her aunt continued to laugh, Imani’s expression gradually changed to a slight smile before running away from the camera, tooth in hand.

Despite exactly how the tooth came out, at least Imani had a chance to be visited by the Tooth Fairy.

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