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Man in China gets stuck to street due to extreme temperatures

We have seen people fry an egg and bake cookies when temperatures reach extreme levels, but have you ever seen someone physically get stuck to the street due to the melting tarmac?

Well, now you have.

A man in China found out the hard way the type of impact hot temperatures can have on concrete.

Filmed in Nanyang City in central China’s Henan Province on July 4, the man is captured attempting to cross the street during reported temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius — or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tarmac below became so hot from the temperatures that it started melting, creating a sticky substance that took a toll on the man’s shoes. He became stuck in the middle of the street, attempting to free his foot.

Just like Mother Nature, cars around him had no chill as they continued to drive around the man as he struggled.

Eventually, he was able to free his right foot, but then his left foot became stuck.

The three minute video concludes with the man finally being freed from the street, as he walked away staring at his shoes in awe.

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