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Phoenix police are searching for two McDonald’s robbers

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“We’re calling this an aggravated robbery,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Jamie Rothschild said.

The two guys who robbed the McDonald’s at 23rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road got physical with the person working the counter.  It happened on Tuesday morning, May 15, 2018 just before 9 o’clock.  The suspects walk up like their ordering and as soon as that register opens one springs into action, giving the employee a violent shove out of the way.

“The way he came around the corner, pushed that employee and took the money while his friend watched, there’s no question they knew what they were doing,” Rothschild said.

And of course, it was all caught on store cameras.

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Next, a woman with a penchant for pilching power tools. She hit two Home Depots, one near 36th Street and Thomas Road, the other near 75th Avenue and McDowell Road.

With a stolen ID, she went to work renting a generator and an air hammer from the stores on Friday, April 27, 2018. Those items were never returned.

She was seen driving a gold or tan SUV.

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